Course curriculum

    1. Syllabus

    2. Conversation: Establishing Language Parameters

    3. Abortion: What is the Situation in Canada?

    1. Abortion and Disability Introduction Lesson

    2. "The Last Children of Down Syndrome" article by S Zhang

    3. "Pregnancy Termination Following Prenatal Diagnosis of Anencephaly or Spina Bifida" article by C Johnson et al

    4. "Termination of Pregnancy Following a Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome: A Qualitative Study of the Decision-Making Process of Pregnant Couples" article by S Lou et al

    5. Module 2 Assessment: Quiz

    1. Bill C-233: An Overview

    2. Background of Bill C-233

    3. An Open Letter on Bill C-233: A CPL Blog Post by K Williams

    4. "Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women" Chapter Summary

    5. Module 3 Assessment: Reflection Piece

    1. R v Morgentaler

    2. Borowski v Canada

    3. Tremblay v Daigle

    4. "It's Wrong to Call Abortion a Right" article by A Mrozek and F Sonier

    5. Module 4 Assessment: Quiz

    1. "The Art of Disability Parenting: What’s it like to raise a child with a physical disability? I asked six mothers around the world" article by Maureen Swinger (audio)

    2. "Self- Perceptions from People with Down Syndrome" article by B Skotko et al

    3. "Estimation of the Number of People with Down Syndrome in Europe" article by de Graaf et al

    4. "What They Don't Teach You About Abortion" blog post by CPL

    5. Further Reading: Recommended Books & Resources

    6. Abortion 102 Bibliography

    1. Abortion 101 and 102 Course Survey

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