Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Syllabus

    • Conversation: Establishing Language Parameters

    • Abortion: What is the Situation in Canada?

  2. 2
    • Abortion and Disability Introduction Lesson

    • "The Last Children of Down Syndrome" article by S Zhang

    • "Pregnancy Termination Following Prenatal Diagnosis of Anencephaly or Spina Bifida" article by C Johnson et al

    • "Termination of Pregnancy Following a Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome: A Qualitative Study of the Decision-Making Process of Pregnant Couples" article by S Lou et al

    • Module 2 Assessment: Quiz

  3. 3
    • Bill C-233: An Overview

    • Background of Bill C-233

    • An Open Letter on Bill C-233: A CPL Blog Post by K Williams

    • "Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women" Chapter Summary

    • Module 3 Assessment: Reflection Piece

  4. 4
    • R v Morgentaler

    • Borowski v Canada

    • Tremblay v Daigle

    • "It's Wrong to Call Abortion a Right" article by A Mrozek and F Sonier

    • Module 4 Assessment: Quiz

  5. 5
    • "The Art of Disability Parenting: What’s it like to raise a child with a physical disability? I asked six mothers around the world" article by Maureen Swinger (audio)

    • "Self- Perceptions from People with Down Syndrome" article by B Skotko et al

    • "Estimation of the Number of People with Down Syndrome in Europe" article by de Graaf et al

    • "What They Don't Teach You About Abortion" blog post by CPL

    • Further Reading: Recommended Books & Resources

    • Abortion 102 Bibliography

  6. 6
    • Abortion 101 and 102 Course Survey