Course curriculum

    1. Syllabus

    2. Conversation: Establishing Language Parameters

    3. What is the Situation in Canada: "Current Issues" Section from "The Imperative of Conscience Rights" article by Cardus

    4. "Conscientious Objection: Understanding the Right of Conscience in Health and Healthcare Practice" article by C Lamb

    1. Finding Common Ground: Introduction to Conscience

    2. Finding Common Ground: Talking About Conscience

    1. "The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics" CPL 2021 Conference Video by C Snead

    2. Section 2(a) - Freedom of Religion from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Abridged)

    3. "Open Wide and Say Law" article by F Sonier and K Williams

    4. "Why Is Legislating On Conscience So Hard: Public Policy In A Pluralistic Culture" CPL 2020 Conference Video by G Genuis and D Williams, MLA

    5. Module 3 Assessment: Reflection Piece

    1. Introduction to Private Member's Bill C-268

    2. First Reading of Bill C-268 in the House of Commons

    3. Opening Speech by MP Block on The Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act

    4. "The Imperative of Conscience Rights" article by Cardus

    5. Module 4 Assessment: Quiz

    1. "Conscience in Medicine" CPL 2020 Conference Video by L Kaldjian

    2. "The WMA and the Foundations of Medical Practice: Declaration of Geneva (1948), International Code of Medical Ethics (1949)" article by S Murphy et al

    3. "Freedom of Conscience and Needs of the Patient" presentation by S Murphy

    4. Module 5 Assessment: Reflection Piece

    1. "Patient Autonomy v. Patient Abandonment" 2021 Conference Video by Q Genuis

    2. "Chart of Canadian Jurisdictions and MAiD"

    3. "Legalization of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Foundational Issues and Implications" article by S Murphy

    4. Module 6 Assessment: Reflection Piece

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