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Conference Program

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    Conference Key-Note
    • Courage: When Boldness Faces Fear (Stephanie Gray)
  • 3
    Ethical Challenges
    • The Hippocratic Oath and the Profession of Medicine (Professor Tom Cavanaugh)
    • Asking Good Questions in Tough Situations (Dr. Kiely Williams)
    • Panel: Responding to Ethical Challenges (Dr. Will Johnston, Dr. Luke Savage)
  • 4
    Law and Medicine: Conscience Rights
    • Conscience Rights in Canada: Update on the Law (Albertos Polizogopoulos)
  • 5
    Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide [MAID]
    • Unpacking the Council of Canadian Academies Reports on MAID (Dr. Natasha Fernandes and Dylan McGuinty)
    • Talking About Assisted Suicide with Clarity and Compassion (Stephanie Gray)
  • 6
    Palliative Care
    • The Impact of MAID on Palliative Care (Dr. David D'Souza)
  • 7
    • Talking about Abortion (Jonathon Van Maren and Blaise Alleyne)
    • The Abortion Pill Reversal Protocol (TBA)
  • 8
    Reproductive Technologies
    • Non-Contraceptive Alternatives to Family Planning and Infertility (Dr. Rene Leiva)
  • 9
    Professional Development
    • Dinner with a Doctor (Pre-Conference Event)
    • How to be a Pro-Life Student (Dr. Ryan Wilson)
    • How to Choose the Right Specialty (Dr. Dan Reilly)
    • Navigating the Hospital, Clinic and Your Practice (Dr. Dan Reilly)
  • 10
    A Patient's Perspective
    • This is Life - Trisomy 21 (Christina Fast)

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