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    About This Resource

    • Resources and Support for Med School Small Groups

    • Euthanasia: Continuing the Conversation

    • What is the Situation in Canada?

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    Common Ground and Asking Good Questions

    • Autonomy: Patients have the right to assistance to end their lives.

    • Suffering: Euthanasia and/or assisted suicide are necessary to alleviate patient suffering.

    • Pragmatism: When these practices are illegal, patients may end their lives prematurely and/or family/caregivers may face repercussions for assisting them in a compassionate act.

    • Policy: Euthanasia and assisted suicide can be regulated (There is no slippery slope or risk to vulnerable groups)

    • Selection of Journal Articles:

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    Talking About Assisted Suicide: Engaging the Culture

    • How to Change Hearts and Minds on Assisted Suicide: Jonathan Van Maren and Blaise Allyene

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    The Transformative Impact of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

    • Dr. Will Johnston, Albertos Polizogopoulos and Blaise Alleyne: Medicine, Law and Culture

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    Patient Perspectives

    • Trisomy 18: Worthy of Life? Brandon Bosma

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